Feature of the Month: New In-The-Door Windows

TUFF SHED now offers an in-the-door window option, which can be added to a variety of TUFF SHED doors. Our standard shed door is already legendary in quality...and now you can upgrade the look of your TUFF SHED storage building with windows that are both functional and asthetically pleasing.
In the past, customers had to select a skylight if they wanted natural light in their shed but were concerned that adding a traditional window would create a security concern. So TUFF SHED introduced transom windows in 2013. They were a big hit, and the in-the-door transom window upgrade is the latest in this window evolution. And the best part is this upgrade can be added to our shed doors for a modest price. 

Single, in-the-door transom window:
  • 41” x 8”
  • Tempered glass
  • On single 4’ wide shed door
  • $89 each

Double, in-the-door transom windows:
  • 29” x 8”
  • Tempered glass
  • On double 3’ wide shed doors
  • $59 each ($118 for the pair)

The in-the-door transom windows can be added to single and double shed doors. The double door option is sold separately, as is the designer door trim (wainscot design shown at top).

Shed of the Month

Take a weekend getaway in this 16'x16' TUFF SHED PRO Ranch Weekender. Designed with the weekend recreationalist in mind, this building includes a 9 light entry door, six single glaze 3'x3' white finish windows, a 6' front porch withcustom railings and baluster and a custom 6/12 roof pitch. 

Garage of the Month

This is a 16'x22' Premier PRO Tall Barn Garage with a 6' shed roof porch on the left side. Our St. Louis factory built this beauty for a customer wanting to match the log cabin home on their property. The building features a full loft on the upper level, metal roof, custom windows, sidewall porch with access door and log siding.

Surprise...Another TUFF SHED!

Typically, the floor system included in our TUFF SHED storage buildings is something that sets us apart as one-of-a-kind. But the floor of this TUFF SHED building is even more unique than normal. That’s because it was built specifically for players on the Bakersfield Condors professional hockey team to skate through during pre-game introductions. This custom building is built on heavy-duty casters so it rolls easily on and off the ice. Before each home game, the team fills the shed with fog, then the mascots pop open the custom-painted doors and out skate the Condors!

Feature of the Month: Floor System

Our floors are so innovative and durable, they set us apart. TUFF SHED revolutionized the shed industry by incorporating 2"x6" hot-dipped galvanized steel floor joists, ensuring the building's solid foundation for years to come. And better yet, this floor system comes standard on our Premier and Premier PRO Series buildings.

We've added LP SmartFloor Plus (bottom photo), a sturdy 3/4" thick tongue and groove material that's treated to resist insect and moisture damage, and comes with a high-tech resin overlay that looks great, adds traction and eliminates splinters.

Stomp on it and FEEL the strength!

Shed of the Month

It takes two! Check out these 4'x10' PRO Tall Ranch buildings built for a school in Dublin, CA by our Stockton factory. The two identical buildings were painted to seamlessly blend in with the adjacent classroom building and feature custom 8' tall walls and 24" shelving that is used to store playground equipment. 

Garage of the Month

Why settle for one garage when you can have 13? This multi-bay garage is one of three at an apartment complex in Salt Lake City, UT. Built as one building with interior walls to divide each bay, the garages helped the apartment complex owner to increase revenue by offering tenants the opportunity to upgrade to covered parking at slightly increased monthly rent.  

Holiday Vacation Checklist

Safety and security is of the upmost importance here at TUFF SHED, as evidenced by our patented locking door handle and our steel reinforced doors! So we can understand how important your home's security is too! If you're planning on taking a trip this holiday season, your pre-trip preparations should include home security measures, so you won't leave the family's most expensive possession - your home - vulnerable to burglars.

Tell a Trusted Neighbor: If you have a neighbor who you know and trust, let them know when you'll be gone and ask them to keep an eye on your home. Leave your contact information so they can reach you if there are any problems.

Secure All Doors and Windows: Doors and windows provide the main entry points for thieves, so make sure they are secure.

House Alarm: If you have an alarm system set up in your home, be sure to notify your security company of your vacation and how to reach you in case of emergency.

Notify Local Police: Call your local police station to ask if they accept vacation notifications. Some will let you leave your contact information so they can get ahold of you if there are any problems and in some communities they might even drive by your home to check things out.

Place Mail and Deliveries on Hold: USPS has a very easy to use online mail hold form that is available for most addresses. If you're expecting a UPS or FedEx delivery, contact them with your tracking number and they should be able to hold your packages for a limited time at one of their facilities. Also place other deliveries like newspapers on hold.

Interior Lighting: Place light timers on some lamps throughout your home. A few days before you leave, set and activate the timers for your lights and a radio or TV to be sure they're working properly.

Vehicle Protection: Never leave valuable items visible in your car and be sure to lock your vehicle if it's parked on the street or in your driveway. And if possible, always park your car in your garage. Don't have a garage? TUFF SHED can help you out with that!

Sheds of the Month

Spreading the magic! Check out these 10'x8' PRO Tall Ranch buildings used as merchant booths at an ice skating rink in Downtown Disney. Located in Anaheim, CA, these six identical buildings feature lap siding, 6x4 roll up doors, access doors, two picture windows and service window. It's truly is a magical time of year!

Custom Building of the Month

Go big or go home! This custom 30'x30' Premier PRO Ranch Garage was constructed in Renton, WA by our Seattle factory. The building features plenty of custom features like lap and shake siding, gutters and downspouts, the access door and double garage door, interior stairs, windows and a modified attic truss design that provides the customer with more usable space upstairs. 

Feature of the Month: Shelving

Can't find those Christmas decorations? Add some shelving to your TUFF SHED building to help keep things in order! Our shelving not only helps with organization, but also provides more overall storage space and creates a more functional workspace.

- Our 16" shelving, 24" shelving, 24" workbench and overhead loft can be added to almost any TUFF SHED building. Here are some unique features of our shelving products as it relates specifically to our Premier and Premier PRO products:

- Shelving and workbench include heavy-duty 2x4 brackets.

- Shelving on our Premier and Premier PRO products feature 7/16" thick SilverTech roof decking (silver face side up) for smoother working surface.

- Workbench on our Premier and Premier PRO products feature 3/4" thick, heavy duty LP ProStruct Floor Decking with a high tech, treated Smart Finish on the working surface. 

- Loft on our Premier and Premier PRO products include 3/4" thick, heavy duty LP ProStruct Floor Decking with a high tech, treated Smart Finish on the working surface. Heavy-duty loft includes minimum of 2x6 lumber supports spanning the interior area beneath the loft decking. Light duty lofts are also available for smaller areas that do not need to support "live loads" (i.e. a person). The supports on a light duty loft are 2x4 lumber.

So never trip over tools or dig through boxes again. Make the most out of your storage space and add some shelving to keep your TUFF SHED storage building or garage neat and tidy.

Shed of the Month

Go West, young man! Check out this 12'x12' Premier Lean-To built by our Los Angeles factory for a customer in Acton, CA. The building includes a "false front" design, tile roof and crossbuck door trim that makes the building match the customer's house and also evoke memories of the Old West. The customer uses the structure as a pool house during those hot California days. 

Garage of the Month

Go big or go home! This custom 30'x30' Premier PRO Ranch Garage was constructed in Renton, WA by our Seattle factory. The building features plenty of custom features like lap and shake siding, gutters and downspouts, the access door and double garage door, interior stairs, windows and a modified attic truss design that provides the customer with more usable space upstairs. 

TUFF SHED is now offering high quality, heavy duty, and collapsible containers!

This product is different than typical Conex (ocean) shipping containers, and like all TUFF SHED buildings, is a premium product. 8'x20' insulated units are in stock and available to our Colorado customers.  

Here are some things that make this container product unique:
  • Heavy-duty, powder coated steel: performs and looks great. 
  • Collapsible: Easily disassembled and reassembled with two people and a forklift. 
  • Order in quantities as low as a single unit
  • Delivered assembled or unassembled
  • 8’x20’ insulated units in stock.

Our commercial customers already rely on us for our high-quality, durable and innovative products, our extensive footprint, and our unique ability to design and deliver building solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Feature of the Month: Roof System
The TUFF SHED roof system comes standard with legendary strength and performance. So strong, we've parked trucks on top. So well-designed, it provides protection against the elements. So versatile, we can match pitch and shingles to your home. So innovative, the radiant barrier keeps the building up to 30 degrees cooler. 

Our proven construction materials and methods are the same ones used in most homes.
  • The rafters are precut 2x4s positioned over the wall studs and joined at the center with steel truss plates on both sides. This ensures maximum load capacity and weight distribution.
  • Garden Series buildings include 7/16" osb roof decking, while Premier and Premier PRO Series buildings get upgraded 7/16" LP ProStruct Roof Decking with SilverTech Radiant Barrier technology.
  • All three Series of TUFF SHED factory-direct buildings include #15 roofing felt moisture barrier.
  • Garden and Premier Series include 25-Year Owens Corning 3-tab shingles. Premier PRO Series buildings get upgraded Owens Corning Dimensional shingles with a Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty.
  • All TUFF SHED storage buildings also include a baked enamel formed steel drip edge to protect the edge of the decking from weather and to support the shingles edges from breakage.
  • TUFF SHED is a Certified Truss Manufacturer. All of our rafters and trusses are comprised of precision cut dimensional lumber (2x4 or 2x6) and are joined with steel plates.

Shed of the Month

Customize it! Check out this 8'x12' Premier PRO Ranch built by our San Diego factory for a customer in Idyllwild, Calif. The customer had a specific request - that the building match his very unique home. The building includes custom paint colors, 12"x12" square vent, 8/12 roof pitch, loft and workbench, and matches perfectly!

Barn of the Month

This 24'x36' Premier Barn Garage was constructed in Grass Valley, CA by our Sacramento factory for a local car collector who wanted only the best to store his vehicles in. The building features three custom dormers, two garage doors, access door, 12' walls and interior stairs. 

Feature of  the Month: Heavy Duty, Patented Door

The door, it has been said, is one of the most important element of a shed. It is easily the most significant moving part of the building, and an item that the shed owner will use every time they enter the building. But for the typical shed builder, building a door that looks great, performs well, and stands the test of time can be a really difficult challenge. 

Fortunately for TUFF SHED and our customers, the TUFF SHED door is one of a kind. It is super heavy-duty, with a patented steel-reinforced design that is sheeted on both sides with LP engineered wood. It won't twist or warp. Our heavy duty hinges (each rated at 500 pounds) mean the door won't sag. And our patented locking handle gives our customers security and easy access at the same time.

Finally, our customers have door options, giving you the freedom to add a double door, add an additional single door, choose where the door is placed, which way it opens, what decorative trim designs are included and even what color the door is painted.

Some of the particulars relating to doors varies by TUFF SHED building model, such as standard door height or possible door placement, but whichever model you choose, we guarantee you'll be receiving a TUFF SHED door that is legendary in its quality.  

Garage of the Month, Part 1

Talk about curb appeal! Check out this 14'x38' Custom PRO Ranch Garage built by our San Antonio factory for a customer in Boerne, TX. This beautiful building is used to store farming equipment and features 9' tall walls, 7/12 roof pitch, HardiPlank siding andtrim, custom crossbuck doors, custom windows and two cupolas.

Garage of the Month, Part 2

This beautiful garage was built out of our Kansas City factory earlier this summer. The 22'x22' Premier PRO Garage, with custom stucco board and batten siding, custom door and upgraded roof pitch matches the style of the customer's home.  

Feature of  the Month: New Window Box

Our new Nantucket premium vinyl window box provides the perfect finishing touch for your shed or garage windows. Durable and colorfast, this high-grade polyethylene window box is designed to last season after season with no rotting and no need to paint. To make things even better, the Nantucket window box comes with a built-in water reservoir allowing plants to practically water themselves.
  • Low maintenance window box
  • Includes 2 steel wall mount brackets
  • Made from high quality polyethylene with built-in UV inhibitors
  • Built-in water reservoir (holds approximately 1.6 gallons of water)
  • Holds approximately 2.5 gallons of soil

Barn Garage of the Month

Need a big space to record your musical stylings? Check out this 24'x30' Premier Tall Barn Garage used as a recording studio in Valley Center, CA. Built by our San Diego factory, this building features a custom staircase, dormers and lofted second floor bedroom. It was finished on the inside by the customer, complete with a sound booth. We think this building really rocks!

Ranch Garage of the Month

This beautiful two-story Premier PRO Ranch Garage is a real gem. With a 22'x30' first floor and a 22'x24' second floor, this garage was customized to match the customer's home with shake siding and custom doors and windows that the customer provided. Built for a Ventura, CA customer by our Los Angeles factory, this garage really shows our ability to customize any building to match your home and meet your needs. 

Feature of the Month: Ulti-MATE Cabinets

Since you're already considering a TUFF SHED storage building or garage, here's something else for you to consider. Now through August 31stwe're offering ULTIMATE savings on our Ulti-MATE Storage Cabinets. Organize your existing garage or shed, or add them to your future TUFF SHED purchase.
Ulti-MATE storage cabinets transform your garage or storage building into a functional workspace that provides plenty of storage options for tools, sporting goods and household items. Ulti-MATE Cabinets, which were recently named a “Best Buy” by Consumer Digest, are high quality products, simple to assemble, and include free shipping to your home. Compare our prices to other online retailers and you'll see there's nothing flimsy about this offer...or these cabinets! 

This Schoolhouse Rocks!

It may only be July, but before you know it, it'll be time for the kids to go back to school! Check out this 16'x24' PRO Weekender used as a schoolhouse in Tracy, California. Built by our Stockton, CA factory, the building includes typical PRO Weekender features like the front porch and steel entry door, plus optional accessories like six windows, vents, paint and cupola (complete with school bell). The customer added some beautiful touches to the interior finish too. We think this building is a real class act!

Custom Building of the Month

The customer who purchased this building had some specific design elements in mind. They wanted a neighbor-friendly roof style, a narrow building width, large door opening and plenty of light. The result: this 6'x16' salt box design with double doors and six windows (including four of our new transom windows). Mission accomplished!

Feature of the Month: New Steel Ramps

We're RAMPING things up at TUFF SHED this summer! Whether you need easy access to your lawn mower, bikes, or any other summer equipment, our ramps make summer fun simple! 

And now our ramps are even better! Made from the same great materials as our steel floor joists, our 3' and 4' long ramps are now wider - at 10" wide vs. 7" wide. And we didn't stop there...we've also introduced a new moveable ramp that allows for the door to close. This ramp, comprised of aluminum hardware and 2x6 pressure treated wood (pictured) connects directly with a special sill plate and can be positioned at two different heights.

Shed of the Month

A green growing garden! Here's a 10'x20' custom PRO Studio used to store gardening tools at a community garden. Built by our Denver, CO factory, the building ties in the front of a 6'x10 Premier Ranch with a PRO Studio and features custom windows, wrap-around overhang, and custom siding and shingles. We really dig it!

Garage of  the Month

Fore! This custom PRO Ranch Garage houses a Swing Lab at the Twin Oaks Golf Course in San Diego. The 20'x32' building, built by our San Diego factory features a 16 foot canister door, outlooks, 12 foot walls, shake shingles in the gables and custom windows and doors. Twin Oaks also finished out the inside of the building, which houses equipment that helps golfers discover the golf equipment that is best for their game.